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Large Goddess Basket

Goddess vase salt soda fired VC Green celadon
Large Basket Goddess
      Goddess basket from the Goddess Rising Series c.2011. Stoneware, salt soda fired at Montana State University. Shown in 2011 at the  Plant Growth Center, MSU, Bozeman.
Price: $225.00
by emily

Goddess Vase

This vase was developed as part of a series of unique goddess baskets  in tandem with the Finding the Goddess show at Rainbows Ark in Livingston,MT, 2013. Private collection, Livingston. Special order. Call for delivery times.  
Price: $75.00
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by emily

Cretan Amphora

Historical representation of a Cretan style amphora. This Cretan amphora was designed from an  inspiration to reconstruct and revision the palace style amphora at Knossos, c. 1500 BCE. It is hand built and thrown in stoneware, underglazed and glazed.
Price: $1,500.00
by emily