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Small Bowl

Small bowl (approx. 5" diameter)
Price: $12.00$10.00
by admin

Small Blue Plate

Small Plate
Small Blue Plate
Price: $14.00
by admin

Medium Blue Mug

Stoneware medium mug
Call for delivery time to back order.
Price: $15.00
Out of Stock
by admin

Large Snake Goddess Tea Set

Emily 005
5 piece Tea Set. Reduction fired stoneware, celadon glazes with blue and purple décor.
Price: $800.00
by admin

Large Plate

Red Cedar Stoneware Plate
Mid Range High Fire
Price: $36.00
by admin

Green Floral Plate

This whimsical plate design  (approx. 7 in diameter) has matching mugs and bowls.
Price: $18.00
by emily

Footed and Handled Platter

Shaped Platter with Handles and Feet Gas Reduction Fired Purple Chun and Underglazes
Price: $54.00
by admin

Extra Large bowl

sept10 248
Extra Large bowl (approx. 11"diameter)
Price: $48.00
by admin

Everglade Medium Bowl

Medium Bowl (approx. 7"diameter)
Price: $14.00$11.00
by admin

Ahimsa Plate

There are three plates in this series, similarly glazed and decorated. More Info »
Price: $40.00
by emily