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Small Bowl

Small bowl (approx. 5" diameter)
Price: $12.00$10.00
by admin

Medium Everglade Plate

Medium Plate
Buff stoneware, everglade matt glaze.
Price: $14.00
by emily

Medium Bowl

Mid Range High Fire with Terra Sigillata Rim Food and Dishwasher Safe
Price: $20.00
Out of Stock
by emily

Extra Large bowl

sept10 248
Extra Large bowl (approx. 11"diameter)
Price: $48.00
by admin

Everglade Medium Bowl

Medium Bowl (approx. 7"diameter)
Price: $14.00$11.00
by admin

Celadon Medium Bowl

Blue Celadon Bowl
Buff stoneware celadon glaze.
Price: $34.00
Out of Stock
by emily

Celadon Blue Bowl with Marine and Floral Motifs

Cel Bowl 4
A stoneware bowl suitable for large servings or salad. Based on the Cretan motifs of marine and floral design. The celadon glaze is dishwasher and food safe.
Price: $200.00
by emily