Decorative Stoneware

The pieces shown here are a sampling of some musings upon female goddess imagery as it is reflected in our culture, as well as in the cultures of antiquity. I enjoy the trance of throwing as well as the dance of hand building. The glazes are a reflection of my interest in layering of color, abstract design, and glaze combinations. Firing in a variety of atmospheres is key to getting these effects. Building a glaze repertoire is both stimulating and enhancing to the ware and sculpted work.

Functional Stoneware

These pieces represent ceramic work done over a period of several years, recently at MSU, and formerly at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts, where I studied with the residents and community students. I have been interested in the aesthetic and formalistic aspects of the human form and its reflection in the ceramic ware and sculpture since I began my art career at Montserrat College of Art.